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Ingredients & Nutrition

Allergen and dietary info + our commitment to local and sustainable sourcing.

Where do your ingredients come from? Are they organic?

We take sourcing very seriously at Mamahuhu. We will always strive to use as many organic ingredients as our operation and the seasons will allow! Each ingredient is carefully considered for provenance, quality, and of course, taste. We love finding

Do you have any vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free menu options?

VEGETARIAN / VEGAN OPTIONS. Our menu is intentionally designed to be vegetable-forward and both vegan and vegetarian-friendly. We love vegetables and believe they play a primary, not supporting, role on a menu. A key part of this is offering substant

What allergens are in your food?

Key ingredients for each dish are listed on our menu, however we are not able to list every single ingredient that goes into each recipe. As a result, we always suggest calling our restaurants or visiting in person to inquire about specific allergens

What kinds of oil do you use in your restaurants?

There are three different types of oil we use in our restaurants, each serving a different purpose:. Frying. In our fryers, we use sustainably farmed organic palm oil (Palm Done Right certified) from Natural Habitats. Organic palm oils are low in pol