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Who is the team behind Mamahuhu?Updated a year ago

Mamahuhu was founded by friends Brandon, Ben, and Anmao. Having trod very different life paths, the three found themselves drawn together through a shared love of the Chinese-American culture and cuisine they grew up cherishing, each in their own way. Anmao and Ben first met through mutual friends while living in Shanghai, where they later went on to work together building Hunter Gatherer, Shanghai’s first farm-to-table restaurant group. The two met Brandon soon after in San Francisco when another mutual friend from Brandon’s early days at Quince (in San Francisco) brought them to dine at Mister Jiu’s, the award-winning San Francisco contemporary Chinese-American restaruant where Brandon is the executive chef and owner. The first real seed of a vision and partnership was sowed that night, over Mapo Tofu, Salt Baked Trout and likely a baijiu cocktail or two.

Our founders work together using their unique skills to make the Mamahuhu dream work: making from-scratch and transparently sourced Chinese-American food accessible and delicious. Brandon is the culinary force behind the dishes and flavors that make up the Mamahuhu menu. Ben and Anmao focus on making the gears turn and the business churn, overseeing daily operations in the restaurants and packaged foods side of the business respectively. Together, the three challenge themselves and all involved with Mamahuhu to continuously elevate Chinese-American cuisine, celebrating the creativity, community and joy of these classic dishes and flavors we’ve always known and loved.

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