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Bay Area Restaurants

Locations, hours, and ingredient information about our three Bay Area locations.


Ingredients & Nutrition

Allergen and dietary info + our commitment to local and sustainable sourcing.

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Locations & Hours

How and when to enjoy our restaurants - in person, at home, or at your next event.

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Can I use Mamahuhu Goods discounts in the restaurants?

All discount codes pertaining to Mamahuhu Goods orders (from social, newsletters, or customer service) may only be used to purchase potstickers at and may not be used in our Bay Area restaurants or to order Mamahuhu (ready-to-eat-food

Can I buy potstickers in the restaurants?

Yes! You can ask in-person to purchase a bag of frozen potstickers at the register at any of our Bay Area locations, or order the potstickers for pick up or delivery through DoorDash.