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Who we are + how to get in touch.

What does 'Mamahuhu' mean?

Good question! The word ‘mamahuhu’ is one of many four character idioms (called chengyu) used in Chinese language. These idioms (of which there are thousands) typically have a colloquial meaning rooted in some interesting piece of history or folklore

How can I reach someone from your team?

There are tons of ways to get in contact with someone from our support team if you need help with an order or just want to say hey! We'd love to hear from you. ☺. Restaurant support and partnership inquiries: [email protected]. Mamahuhu Goods onli

What is the history of Mamahuhu?

In 2017, our founders Brandon, Ben, and Anmao met through mutual friends and connected over two shared passions: the ways in which responsible and sustainable food practices impact our collective health and the Chinese-American dishes they grew up lo

Who is the team behind Mamahuhu?

Mamahuhu was founded by friends Brandon, Ben, and Anmao. Having trod very different life paths, the three found themselves drawn together through a shared love of the Chinese-American culture and cuisine they grew up cherishing, each in their own way